Easy oven baked mini fritattas

I have been making bento lunches, but just not posting them online, ooooops!
I also just realized that I didn’t take a picture of lunch today again.

Anyhow, a recipe!

Easy oven baked fritattas

6 eggs
Half a tub of quark very low fat cheese
Bacon or ham
Salt and pepper

Remove rind and fat from bacon, chop and saute with a spritz of low cal cooking spray.
Add chopped onions and mushrooms to pan. While these cook off, beat 6 eggs and add quark. Mix well to combine.
Add bacon, onion and mushrooms to egg mix. Season and stir well.

Preheat oven to 180 deg c.

Spoon egg mix into 12 silicon baking cups.
Bake until golden and set.
Allow to cool before removing from baking cups.

Enjoy as part of your bento lunch!



I had a bash at making chicken gyoza last night. They turned out pretty well, so I had some for lunch today with a crabstick salad on the side.

Salad contains lettuce, pomodorino tomatoes (Very sweet and tasty) radish, cucumber, pickled carrot and ginger, crabsticks and a splash of Kraft Light French Dressing.

Bento will resume for work next Monday but with a twist. I joined slimming world, so I’m going to have to re-think a lot of my favourite food as it is heavily sinned.  All for the greater good though (^_^)

Leftovers Bento!

The bento I have packed for tomorrow sees me using up leftovers from tonights dinner.

Top box is packed with succulent barbecue ribs and a salad

Bottom box is Thai rice paper rolls.

I haven’t made the rice paper rolls before and I found working with the rice paper after it was soaked a little fiddly, but I hope they taste ok (^_^)

I’m also packing iced tea (as usual!) and a little chunk of homemade brownies that my daughter made. They went a little wrong and are very flat and chewy, buut tasty all the same!

Snack Attack!

Today isn’t really a bento as such. I’m testing my new Ryvita  cool bag set that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.

Two onigiri get sneaked into the bag along with soda bread, cherry tomatoes and some cheese. A side cup of homemade greek yogurt added too.

A cup of iced tea completes my snack for the day (^_^)

Bento of three

3 box bento

Today we have a three box bento, each lock and lock box is 370mls and will be used for two meals. I’m on a really nasty shift at work today which starts at lunchtime and finishes at 9.30pm tonight , hence so much food being packed!

Top box contains spring rolls and pickled carrot with ginger.

Box on left contains cherry tomatoes, picoto cherries, sliced apple and a quick coleslaw

Box on right contains steamed rice with umeboshi and green beans with a sesame dressing.

The pickled carrot recipe and the green beans with sesame dressing are two recipes from Harumi Kurihara’s “Everyday Harumi”

The quick coleslaw is just that! Slice your preferred slaw vegetables and lightly salt. Allow to stand to draw out excess moisture. Squeeze out as much moisture as you can and place in a bowl. Toss with a squirt of your favourite mayo ( I prefer Kewpie!) and add a dash of seasoned rice vinegar. If you haven’t got rice vinegar, a squeeze of lemon will do.

Enjoy!! (^_^)

Musubi Bento

Ok let’s try this mobile blogging again shall we? Hopefully the picture will be a better size this time and you won’t have to squint to see it!

For today’s bento I had a real hankering for spam musubis. It was so bad I made a 10 mile round trip to buy a pack of nori as I hadn’t any left in my store cupboard.

On the veggie side of things I have packed cherry tomatoes, picoto cherries, cucumber batons, and carrot sticks.

A cheese triangle completes the bento.

Also in my bento bag today, a mini jelly cup and a crisp gala apple 🙂

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A touch of cute!

Just because I’m a big grown up girl, doesn’t mean I like a little bit of cute in my bento from time to time! Last night while preparing my bento for today I decided why not add a little cute for a change?
To my homemade spring rolls I added a bunny boiled egg, crinkle cut cucumber slices, cherry tomato with pick to accessorize, tulip cut hot dog babybel ladybird and two apple bunnies. It wasn’t as well executed as I would have liked, I’m a bit rusty on the skills (my egg squidged out of the mould and the apple bunnies had ragged ears!) But it still tasted pretty darn good, I don’t think it looked too bad either, what do you think?

Apologies if the picture is huge and out of proportion to everything else, I’m blogging from my blackberry and still learning how to use the wordpress app!

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